Japan summer 2012 ~ Part 1 + Giveaway news!

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Hello beautiful people, I'm back from my summer trip to Japan! I had an amazing time and this blog is the start of the series showing you a few of the things I got up to, well the work safe stuff anyway... for now.
At the bottom of this blog you'll find information about my first ever giveaway (I put it at the bottom so you have to look through my photos ;P).

Our train from Narita Airport to the JR Line had vending machines on it! It's the simple things that amuse me :D 
 Our apartment was one stop change from Akihabara. You know you're in Akiba when you start seeing mecha. 

Me and my brother Dominic were invited to a Gyaru club night called Dance Groove and it happened to be the day we arrived... so like the party animals we are, regardless of jet lag and sleep depravity, we went! I had never really done anything Gyaru related in Japan before, so it was really good to see how they party :P After the first 5 minutes I got serious hair envy :( there's a handful of sexy Gyaru-o in the west, but then suddenly a room of shit hot guys better looking than me T^T What I learnt from the whole experiences was that; Japanese Gyaru (girls and guys) seem to be more interested in having fun than creating drama. 

I love their dancing XD 

This happened... 

I couldn't stop laughing ;D 

We didn't really want to go out for dinner on our first night, so we just gorged ourselves on convenient store food. 
Our (messy) apartment :D 

 Busy busy Harajuku  

↓ Shibuya  

♥*゚  ゚*★*゚ Giveaway information  ゚*★*゚  ゚*♥
Over the next few weeks i'm going to be updating you guys on what I got up to in Japan. I'm going to post 1 more blog before I post the giveaways, yes plural! :D I've had a good look around and I really couldn't find any giveaways catered to guys (or girls who dress more Gyaru-o) T^T
So what I'm going to do is hold a girly giveaway alongside a smaller one for guys! I'm going to mention this when I actually post the giveaway blog, but you're all very welcome to enter either one or even both